Aviram envisions a compassionate birth experience, empowering families with personalized care and support for all birthing journeys.


Our mission at Aviram is to provide comprehensive, expert care, ensuring a nurturing environment that celebrates the uniqueness of every birth, fostering health and joy for both mothers and babies


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Natural birth involves giving birth without medical interventions like epidurals or cesarean sections, emphasizing spontaneous labor progression and pain management techniques. While a personal choice, it can be empowering. Discussion with healthcare providers is crucial for safety. Aviram the Birth Place offers expert support and personalized care for those opting for natural birth.


Natural birth is an option for many expectant mothers, but it may not be suitable for everyone. Factors such as overall health, medical history, and the specifics of your pregnancy can influence whether natural birth is the right choice for you. It's essential to discuss your options with our Aviram team to determine the best birthing plan for your unique circumstances.

Natural birth can be safe when conducted under appropriate medical supervision. At Aviram the Birth Place, our experienced team ensures the safety of both mother and baby by providing expert support and personalized care throughout the natural birth process. We monitor labor progress closely and are prepared to address any potential risks or complications that may arise, helping to ensure a safe and empowering birthing experience for all our mothers.

Water birth is a method of childbirth where the mother spends part or all of her labor, delivery, or both in a birthing pool or tub filled with warm water. During water birth, the buoyancy of the water can help ease the discomfort of contractions and may provide pain relief. Some women choose water birth because they find it promotes relaxation and reduces stress during labor. It's important to note that water birth should be conducted under appropriate medical supervision to ensure the safety of both mother and baby. At Aviram the Birth Place, we offer water birth as a natural and comfortable option, with expert support from our healthcare team.


VBAC, or vaginal birth after cesarean, is a viable option for many women who have previously undergone a cesarean delivery. However, whether VBAC is suitable for you depends on various factors, including the reason for your previous c-section, the type of uterine incision, your overall health, and the specifics of your current pregnancy. It's essential to discuss your desire for VBAC with your healthcare provider. At Aviram the Birth Place, our experienced team can assess your individual circumstances and provide guidance on the safest and most appropriate birthing options for you. We are dedicated to supporting mothers in making informed decisions about their birthing experience, ensuring the best possible outcome for both mother and baby.